Published on:

11th Dec 2020

Meatball Subs, Aliens, Pornstars, & Shakespeare

The boys are back in town on this episode & we cover everything on this pod. It’s almost impossible to timestamp so we’ll just list the topics

  • Meatball subs
  • Israeli’s space security chief claims there’s a galactic federation
  • Logan & Floyd fight
  • Dating pornstars
  • Lil Baby’s birthday presents
  • Coach K is done with the season
  • Fuck cicadas
  • Flipping golf carts
  • Is William Shakespeare an alien?
  • Joe Rogan
  • Hidden species

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Dorm Room Sports
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Podcast by Aota Media

Dorm Room Sports offers a podcasting platform free of the censorship restrictions of the corporatized media. You'll always get our real opinions, jokes, commentary, and most importantly just real conversation. With that comes biases to our individual fandoms which means we're not afraid to attack each other's teams and defend our own. For those whose opinions have felt underrepresented by East Coast companies like Barstool, you'll be happy to find that the hosts on Dorm Room Sports tend to favor discussing West Coast and Mid West teams. While we'll always be sports first we're never afraid to venture outside the realm of athletics and open up discussion to whatever is currently newsworthy or something that we find interesting enough to bring up on air.

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